Recent Website Design Projects

Company: Voice Over Vision Featuring Jane Asher

Jane Asher - professional voice over

Project Highlights:

Jane Asher is a professional voice over and radio personality in San Diego, CA. She needed some quick updates to her website. In a short time and for a small cost, the minor updates were completed. The overall look and feel was left intact and the primary changes involved updating her contacts and clients with company logos. She also needed her Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking links added.


Company: Access Apparel & Printing

website apparel cloting

Project Highlights:

Sole proprietor clothing and silkscreen printing business located in Santee, CA. Company needed a quick, simple ecommerce website that was attractive and stylish. This is women-owned business and needed to reflect the style and attitude of the owner. A small flash application was incorporated to give the site a little 'life' while keeping design costs low.


Company: Fordyce Construction

website design contractor

Project Highlights:

Family-run small contractor with approximately 10 employees. Website needs were primarily to be used by employees and sub contractors. Company does not rely on website for attracting new business because it only bids on government and school district public works projects. This was a highly customized content management system website that was used primarily by the office administrator. Most of the pages are protected from the public as they are used to maintain all the company projects. So a custom database program was developed to allow for entering new projects, updating existing, changing project status and using sort features to display the projects to sub contractors. Also developed a smart upload feature that allowed site plans, bid results, bid invitation docs to be uploaded and stored based on the specific project. This website was a valuable office management tool as it eliminated many Excel files and allows the office administrator to modify the website from outside the office.


Company: GiftedLady

wbsite design gift baskets

Project Highlights:

Sole proprietor gift basket company. Customer had an established business and was looking to expand. We started with the standard e-commerce package and made numerous customizations. We added a 'smart' upcoming dates feature to display the next 4-5 dates that would be great for giving a gift basket. Customer also had a donation program that allowed customers to buy a basket at a reduced price and donate it to a hospital or senior center for sick children or seniors. Designed many customizations that provided the ability to quickly modify certain areas of the website for such things as special sales, featured products, monthly messages from the owner, etc. Each gift basket also needed the ability to add a custom note to be sent with the basket. The website also provided for all the features necessary to maintain an online store with hundreds of items each with it's own picture, description, and shipping requirements.


Company: Shaw'z Metal Fabrication

website design for metal fabricator

Project Highlights:

Family-owned metal fabricator located in Santee, CA. Owner knew he needed a website but was unsure exactly what he needed. Spent many hours just determining website needs before designing a customized e-commerce website. The company's pride and joy was their custom built sand car. So, we got some excellent video of it's maiden run at Glamis Dunes. Also, created a company specific 'build-a-car' page that allowed potential customers to build their own sand car that included pricing and optional equipment. This website has been radically modified by the owner from its original style that we delivered. This is a key feature that allows the owner full control over the future content of his site.


Company: Bagz4Gamez

website design sport equipment

Project Highlights:

Sole proprietor sporting goods dealer located in Santee, CA. Product line is very specific - excellent quality ball bags for soccer, baseball, and basketball. Company also offers an umbrella, stand and carrying bag for use at outdoor sporting events to shield the sun. This site was a standard e-commerce package with some minor customizations. Only non-standard feature was the free t-shirt offer when purchasing a complete umbrella set.


Active Projects

Organization: Santee School District Foundation

Project Highlights:

This is a large-scale, CMS website project that involves many areas of customized programming. News articles, meeting minutes, meeting agendas will all be maintained by the site administrator with a password protected access. In addition, the school district is under going many renovations at all its schools. A fund raiser that allows families to buy brick pavers is maintained through the website by the Paver Administrator. This is a full service feature that allows for data entry as well as email confirmation and the ability to convert the paver data into a MS Word document. It can then be sent via email attachment to the paver company for proofs. All at the click of a button. The volunteer Paver Administrator has saved many hours as she does not need to maintain separate Excel files and then attempt to keep them matched with MS Word Proof file. Future features include a photo album for each school to post children's artwork after it's saved as an image file.

Look for the finished project shortly.





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